It’s raining Daiquiri in Hawaii.

Artist, Engineer, Philosopher, Poet, Problem solver, Trouble maker. Right brain person in a left brain world. Spent most of my career pursuing analytical subjects while my talents clearly lay in creativity. Analytics is convergent, creativity is divergent. I grew up in India. Long before I turned to photography I received formal training in painting. I won a couple national level contests (although I think art contests are terrible for arts!) and had my paintings up in a few exhibitions. I learned the basics of photography from my father who had a dark room and a chemistry lab where he prepared his solutions. I fell into a tub of photographic fixer when I was a child. That was my rite of passage.

I shoot film, both 35mm and medium format. My only digital camera is now the iPhoneSE. I send my color film to a pro lab for development and scanning and process black&white at home. I have built my own make-shift darkroom to print my photos. I have a Leica M2 with a Jupiter-3 lens and a Pentax67 with a Pentax f2.4/105 lens. I agonize over getting rid of one and keeping the other as my only camera/lens but can’t make my mind. I use a Vivitar VI enlarger with a dichroic head, and Ilford fiber paper.

I am an excellent cook, if I say so myself.

For bookkeeping purposes: I earned a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from IIT Kharagpur, worked in software engineering for a while, founded a company to create massively parallel cluster computers, ran out of money, went to Babson College for an MBA, worked for a Fortune 500 company, worked in government, got terribly sick, recovered, reevaluated life and decided corporate jobs isn’t for me. In retrospect, I should have never gone down that path, but as it is said, hindsight is 20-20.

Honorable Mention at the International Photography Awards 2015.
You can see my entry here:

Accidentally On Purpose (zine), Vol 4, 2015
Lets Explore Magazine, Issue 01, 2016
Twice Around The Sun, A Two Year Photo Journal (zine), 2017