Flagstaff, Arizona is one of my favorite little towns.

The road to Flagstaff has mountains and desert. Miles and miles of it.

Jul2016 (Ektar100) P1-000-13

Miles and miles of it.

Jul2016 (Ektar100) P1-000-15

No seriously. Miles and miles and miles of it.

Jul2016 (Ektar100) P1-000-8

But it is a pretty drive.

Jul2016 (Ektar100) P1-000-3

Flagstaff itself is small.

Jul2016 (Portra160) P1-000-3

It’s a college town.

Jul2016 (Portra160) P1-000-7

With cute houses that have cute fences.

Jul2016 (Portra160) P1-000-5

Like this.

Jul2016 (Portra160) P1-000-4

There are colorful picnic spots.

Jul2016 (Ektar100) P1-000-19

It gets snow in winter. It is not hot in summer, despite being in Arizona.

Jul2016 (Ektar100) P1-000-5

It has grass. And pine trees.

Jul2016 (Portra160) P1-000-6

And mountains too.

Jul2016 (Ektar100) P1-000-6


Jul2016 (Ektar100) P1-000-17

And an arboretum. With more flowers.

Jul2016 (Ektar100) P1-000-18

Plus a butterfly house.

Jul2016 (Ektar100) P1-000-20

But at the end of the day, it’s time to drive home again.

Jul2016 (Ektar100) P1-000-4

Through the same mountains and deserts.

Jul2016 (Ektar100) P1-000-24

For miles and miles.

Jul2016 (Ektar100) P1-000-23

Back to the familiarity of home.

Jun2016 (TriX400) P1-000

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