I like big rigs. I never thought much about them before. Until my son came along. He likes (well, he did, now he likes dinosaurs) big rigs and as a result I have looked at more tractor trailers than I thought I cared for. And you know, it isn’t that bad. They are quite fascinating.

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-22

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-26Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-3





Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-8

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-14

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-23

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-19

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-5

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-27

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-4











Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-15

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-12

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-32

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-17

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-9

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-10

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-24

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-21

Apr2016 (Portra400) L1-000-6

So there it is.