I have to admit that a lot of things happen on the streets but finding something that’s worthwhile to photograph is not easy. What do you capture? People going about their business? An event unfolding? Portraits? The various emotions of people? Sneaky photos of strangers shot from the hip? The play of light and shadows? The interaction of colors? Shapes and geometry? One or more of the above? All? What do you photograph? If you are trying to do too much at once you are bound to fail and you won’t have anything at all. So you need to narrow it down to one or two of the above (or something else entirely). I find it baffling to find something that is worthy of a shot. Especially since I only have 36 frames at a time and each has a cost associated with it. As a result, I find street photography a more introspective activity than you would think. I am constantly asking myself, What am I seeing here? What is there to see? What is there to show?

Flagstaff (TriX), June 2015-5

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